How To Recessionproof Your Packaging

News reports say that everyone is worried about the economy, and that consumers are spending less. Do you think this is causing your product sales decline? Consumers tend to reduce spending in difficult economic times meal prep services. What can you do to counter product doldrums during a recession or slowdown?

It is important to realize that people still “buy” things. 70% of all packaging is related to food and people still need their food. They just purchase in different ways. They may choose to cook their own meals instead of eating out. However, they want to continue purchasing the same conditions. Take-out food that is quick to prepare, reheat and ready to eat is one example. Wal-Mart’s fresh take-home pizza is one example of how to satisfy a need. My case is that it’s the rotisserie chicken, which is available ready-to-go with many applications for meal prep. I want convenience and minimal meal prep. It is important to know how to recessionproof your packaging. You must also learn how to identify the buying signals that will drive your customer to buy your products. Although they are still willing to spend money, their goal is to make it affordable and get some return on their investment. You may also want to pamper yourself with something special to make you feel better.

Here are some ways product packaging can be used to influence consumer purchase decisions. Even though overall purchase is down, consumers are still open to trying new things. For example, they may cancel a planned vacation. Your products could be used to “vacation” at your home. It is possible to create products that enable you to live a life of luxury without leaving your home. It could be packaged to offer a different experience than a vacation. Our X.X.X.X.X. could be described as a luxury spa experience in your home, or a vacation at home. The key is how you link the experience to the desired outcome on your product packaging.

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