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Carpet Cleaning By A Professional

Carpet is the most visited furniture in your house, so it suffers the most damage. Carpet traps more dirt particles and dirt with every person that enters your home. Vacuuming by itself is not enough. It is important to have your carpet professionally cleaned like carpet cleaning sydney at least once a year to extend its life expectancy and beauty. Here are five top reasons to have your carpet professionally cleaned.

1) It prolongs the life of your carpet

Your carpet will last longer if it is professionally cleaned. Carpet fibers trap dirt and allergens over time that can cause carpet to become duller and less durable.

Carpet can last as long as 10 years with proper maintenance and care. Although your carpet may not last a lifetime, it can last for a decade with proper care. You can extend the carpet’s lifespan by vacuuming at least twice a week between professional cleanings.

2) Health benefits

Carpets trap dirt, dust and other allergens from your shoes. The nose, sinuses and lungs can become irritated by allergens and dust, which can lead to breathing problems such asthma. While vacuuming is a good option, professional cleaning is required to properly clean and sanitize your carpets. Professional grade products penetrate below the surface to help clean your family’s air.

3) Mold and dust prevention

Professional carpet cleaning is a great way to prevent dust mite infestations. Even though dust mites are tiny and can’t be seen from the outside, that doesn’t make them innocuous. These tiny creatures can be a nuisance and cause allergy symptoms that can make your day a bit uncomfortable.

Mold can also be caused by dirty carpets. Your house can become a breeding ground of mold if it is too humid. You will need to replace the entire carpet if mold starts to grow.

4) Overall appearance

Carpets that are dull and dingy do not appeal to anyone. No matter how many people you have over, or how often you spill wine, your carpet’s appearance is likely to start to fade. Carpet is an investment. Make sure you take good care of it. Your carpet’s condition will depend on how often you use them. You might need to have them cleaned every year or semi-annually to keep them clean.

5) Smell

This may seem obvious but carpets smell when they aren’t kept clean. Accidents happen. You may have your dog pee on your carpet, or your smoothie might get absorbed. These accidental spillages can accumulate over time. You can’t deep clean carpet fibers by yourself, no matter how often you vacuum. Carpet cleaning professionals can remove these stains leaving carpets smelling fresh.