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Common Questions Regarding Carpet Cleaning

There are many questions homeowners have about carpet cleaning. Below are the top questions homeowners have about carpet cleaning.

Why Carpet Cleaning is Important? Capet cleaning northern beaches is essential because it cleans your carpet and eliminates any dirt. It effectively removes all the stain and preserves the carpet’s lifespan. This is not all that carpet cleaning offers.

Mold, mildews, pet dander and pollen can all be found in dirt carpets. This could pose a risk to your health. You can keep yourself safe by regularly cleaning your carpets.

How regularly should you vacuum your carpets?

Your carpets need to be maintained on a regular schedule. The carpet should be vacuumed three to four times per week. After that, it needs to be deep-cleaned every several months. If vacuuming doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, consider hiring professional cleaning services.

Is it possible to damage your carpet’s lifespan by frequent vacuuming?

You can prolong your carpet’s lifespan by cleaning it more often than you risk damaging it. Only one thing to remember is to properly remove any residues after you vacuum. You can harm the fibers by not removing dirt as well.

Professional carpet cleaning should be used.

The carpet cleaning experts do a fantastic job. You can have your carpet spotless and cleaned up of dirt.

Cleaners use high-tech chemicals and machinery to clean carpets. Their trained technicians are well-versed in all aspects of cleaning technology and types of carpets. They achieve results that are superior to those you would get on your own.

How often do you need to use cleaning services?

Your carpet should be cleaned by a professional at least once every 12-18 months. This will depend on what traffic it is regularly exposed to.

Do you think it is okay to spot treat your carpet with a stain remover?

Quality cleaning products should be used only if they are guaranteed not to damage fibers. Every other product on the market can cause permanent damage to your carpet.

You should carefully read any label prior to purchasing spot removers. OXI can lead to color loss so avoid any product containing it.

You should also remember that spot removal products can be rinsed with cool water in order to remove any residue.

Why can spots develop on your carpet easily?

Because you failed to properly get rid of them the first attempt, spots will reappear. For this, use quality carpet cleaning products that get deep under the carpet fibers. If spots persist, contact professionals for cleaning.

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