Women’s Drug Rehab – Detoxification is the First Step

Today’s women’s rehab programs for drug addiction focus on the physiological component of the addiction. Different forms of detoxification are offered to the women to eliminate the addiction.

What happens next? Is this the end of the problem? Experts disagree. According to many experts, detoxification could just be the beginning of a series that addicts need to go through drug rehabilitation center.

A rehabilitation program must include all aspects related to the addiction if a complete recovery is possible. The rehabilitation program should address all aspects of drug dependence, including emotional, mental, and physical. Furthermore, the recovery program must anticipate withdrawal symptoms caused by the removal of the addictive substance.

It is important to emphasize holistic recovery in programs for women. Many doctors and therapists agree women’s addictions are largely the result of unresolved, emotional problems, and not because they are dependent on certain substances.

Holistic recovery only happens in a peaceful and comfortable environment. This allows one to discover oneself, grow and learn healthy ways to deal with the many stresses life brings. So, the women’s program for drug rehab should not just address their substance addiction problem but also help them become functional members of society.

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